//Complicated Parts How To Operate CNC Programmin

Complicated Parts How To Operate CNC Programmin

Complicated parts,such as robot parts,CNC machining becomes divided into manual and automatic into. Manual programming by the manual tool path calculation and processing of the preparation work. Automatically become the use of computers through automatic software into the completion of the tool motion trajectory calculation. The advantages of these two programming methods, manual programming convenient, economical, automatic programming is more accurate.

For some complex parts, because of its cumbersome processing technology, the need for more programs, so you can choose manual and automatic programming。

First, the specific programming method

(1) manual programming

Manual programming refers to the work of numerical control programming content all done by hand. The processing of simple shape of the workpiece, the calculation of small, short procedures, manual programming fast and easy. Hand-programming of complex shapes can be difficult and sometimes impossible. Generally speaking, the outline of the workpiece composed of straight lines and circular arcs is programmed by hand, the non-circular curve and the outline of the list curve are automatically programmed.

(2) automatic programming

Automatic programming The use of computer numerical control machine tool programming, that is, by the computer automatically numerical calculation, the preparation of parts processing program, automatically print the output processing program, and the program recorded on the perforated tape or other digital media.

Complicated parts how to NC programming

Second, the automatic programming of complex parts

(1) start NX6.0. Double-click UGNX6.0 icon, enter UGNX6.0 interface.

(2) Open the model file. Select [File] – [Open] in the main menu, select the correct path and file name in the “Open” dialog box that is displayed automatically, and click the “OK” button to open the part model.

(3) into the processing module. Click [Start] – [Machining] command, and then select “mill_contour” in [CAM Setting to be Created] in [Machining Environment] and click “OK” to enter the machining module.

(4) workpiece origin coordinate system settings

Click the [Geometry View] at the lower right corner of the screen, the [Operation Navigator – Geometry] dialog box will pop up, double-click the [MCS_MILL] dialog box, select “Auto Judgment” from the pull-down menu in [Machine Coordinate System] Click on the upper surface of the workpiece boss In the gap】 【Security Options】 drop-down menu, select “flat”, click “designated plane” icon, the mouse click on the workpiece boss surface, in the “offset”, enter 10, click “OK.”