///How to ensure the quality of CNC machining manufacturing

How to ensure the quality of CNC machining manufacturing

The quality system plays an important role in the manufacturing industry. In the early stages of CNC machining, many precision parts manufacturers obtain and maintain strict quality assurance through pre-production drawing inspection and structural analysis.

Unlike the quality measurement of a traditional manufacturing system, which is usually done at the end of a production chain, our quality system runs through the manufacturing process.

Production: Maintaining quality during the manufacturing process

In today’s highly transparent Internet information, timing and efficiency are crucial factors to seize the market, and the assurance of efficiency in the production process allows companies to avoid a lot of worries in order to spend more time in research and development and marketing , Then how we are customer-centric, to provide customers with efficient and high quality CNC machining services it,

  1. In the production workshop, we maintain good environmental hygiene to ensure that our materials and parts are not contaminated,
  2. a clear and detailed production arrangements to ensure delivery is not delayed,
  3. The quality control personnel’s participation and inspection can promptly detect the existence of quality problems and point out that it ensures that the requirements of the parts we produce for the customer are qualified without the production being completed and the problems are found , This not only wasted time, delayed delivery, but also to bring immeasurable loss to customers.

Quality Control: CNC Machining

1, the processing quality assurance elements cover all lathes and milling machines:

2, bar codes of plastic and metal blocks and metal bars to ensure traceability

3, digital instructions for each material is loaded into a predetermined CNC machine

4, a set of pre-programmed instructions in the processing software means that the need for minimal human-computer interaction

5, the sensor inside the machine will calibrate the exact size to improve accuracy

6, quality inspection confirmed that the components are manufactured in accordance with customer specifications

Precision testing equipment is essential to ensure the qualified parts

As a precision machining factory with more than 10 years in CNC machining parts, we have accumulated our advantages in structural optimization and resource matching and integration, providing our customers with efficient and high-quality CNC machining services. Moreover, we have been adhering to the principle of ” The core productivity of enterprises, adhere to the customer-centric business philosophy, has so far served this DJI-Innovations, Land Rover, Jaguar, and many other large enterprises at home and abroad in the country advocate “intelligent made” today, we are also active Learning and upgrading, and now has accumulated rich experience in the fields of nursing robots and beauty care instruments. In the near future, we will provide customers with more complete project solutions.