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  • 5 Axis Machining

Shenzhen Nuobo Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

is a Sino-British joint venture awarded by the government as a “National High-tech Enterprise”. Our company has long been focusing on the field of software and hardware of intelligent terminals and equipment, and has grown into a comprehensive entity enterprise with “R&D, production and sales”.

Our team was established in 2004 and started with rapid prototyping of innovative products and small & medium batch production. Since 2008 we have developed laser hair removal products and entered personal care market. At the beginning of 2012, NOBLE has been gradually involved in the design and development of hardware and software for intelligent terminals and equipment, and has formed our own unique advantages in the field of intelligent care products.

Since 2015, NOBLE had deep cooperation with scientific research institutions such as American cutting-edge robot companies and intelligent healthcare companies, British smart car research and development teams, domestic advanced robot companies, Tsinghua University and Xiangya Hospital, etc. we have achieved rapid development in the fields of smart products developing, new projects supporting and smart manufacturing.

In the past few years, NOBLE has gradually transformed from a precision parts processing and manufacturing enterprise with complete industrial chain supporting service capabilities, to a service-oriented enterprise that supports customers’ entire projects. We has accumulated rich experience and great achievements in various innovative projects such as personal care products, robots, automation equipment, medical equipment, and automotive industries.


We provide professional services of structural design optimization and parts machining.

our own core process is CNC(include milling, turning, drilling, tapping, carving, cutting, etc.), we integrate the manufacturing recourse of the upstream and downstream industries(include various Rapid tooling and molds, 3D printing like SLA and SLS, various surface treatment, etc.)

We have perfect ability in manufacturing various types of metal parts, like aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, and so on.  Choose us and you will enjoy convenient and guaranteed one-stop service.

We can design and produce nursing/care devices for you.

Such as:

IPL/HPL Rejuvenation & Hair Removal Instrument;

RF(Radio Frequency) Beauty Instrument;


We have accumulated rich experience in the service-robots field that including climbing-stairs robots, rehabilitation robots and intelligent robot seats, etc.

we can help customers to develop and produce the whole product.


Our Crazy Skills

Structural design 90
Manufacturing Process 95
Projects Management 90
Communication 92