///Sheet metal processing basic processes and steps

Sheet metal processing basic processes and steps

Sheet metal processing need to understand some of the geometric knowledge, the general processing of sheet metal parts are: cutting, bending, buckle edge, bending, welding, riveting, surface treatment. Sheet metal processing roughly the steps are as follows:

1, the design sheet metal parts map, the detailed structure of sheet metal parts, and draw the expansion plan, that is, the complex structure of the parts of the expansion plan;

2, cutting, cutting a variety of ways, usually by a combination of several. a. The use of shear cut out of the expansion plan, the shape of the required sheet metal parts, length and breadth size, combined with punch and die punching, cutting angle, etc .; b. Punch the expected short working hours, high efficiency, Step The sheet metal parts are flat-formed on the sheet. c. CNC cutting, through the preparation of NC programs, CNC machine tools punching forming. In addition there is laser cutting, even with laser cutting.

3, tapping tapping Flanging is the pumping hole, that is, a smaller base hole into a slightly larger hole, increasing strength, to prevent sliding teeth, usually for thin sheet metal processing.

4, Punch processing Punch processing by the appropriate mold to complete the operation, such as: punching angle, punching blanking, convex convex package and other processing methods.

5, the riveting process Press or riveting machine to complete the operation, such as riveting studs, rivet nuts, rivet screws.

6, bending processing is usually completed by the processing of folding bed and bending mold to complete the flat material made of three-dimensional shape.

7, welding Welding is about to combine multiple parts, usually robot welding, carbon dioxide welding, welding, spot welding and other means. According to the needs of choice.

8, surface treatment is usually used to protect the material, to prevent oxidation, plated with protective film on the surface of the material, such as: phosphate coating, paint and so on.

9, the assembly will be more than one part according to a certain combination of ways to make it a finished product.