UAV Parts For Sale

China precision parts machining factory Noble, profession in precision aluminum alloy parts machining, robot parts machining and other material parts machining more than 10 years.

Product Description

  • CNC Machining Service: We offer CNC milling and turning service, 3 axis to 5 axis machining capabilities, both standard and live-tooling CNC turning and milling.
  • Materials applicable: Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel, Titan Alloy, Hard Alloy etc.
  • Parts applications: To control the agricultural UAV.
  • Finish Treatment: Anodic Oxidation (light), Anodize, polishing, brushing, gold/silver/nickel plating, passivation, dacromet etc.
  • Difficulties & Highlights: High precision, Install no gap.
  • Order quantity: Small order acceptable.
  • Quotation against: 2D drawings (PDF, JPG, DWG), 3D drawings (STP, IGS) or samples.
  • Lead time: 1.Prototyping 3-5 days for CNC machining parts, 2. Tooling -15-25 days, 3. Production – depends on order quantity.
  • Our advantages: 1. Fast prototyping, 2. 15 years’ experience of CNC machining services, 3. Small order acceptable, 4. Quality assurance system, 5. Quick production and delivery.
  • Our equipment: 1. CNC gantry milling machine, 2. CNC machining centers, drill and tap, engraving machine, 3. CNC turning centers, 4. Lathes, 5. 3-dimensional measuring instruments, projectors, test machines.
  • OEM / ODM: Provide.
  • Model Number: N0005.
  • Brand Name: Noble.
  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China (mainland).

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