///Noble Smart Manufacturing Technology And UAV Parts Five-axis Machining Of the Indissoluble Bound

Noble Smart Manufacturing Technology And UAV Parts Five-axis Machining Of the Indissoluble Bound

Shenzhen Noble smart manufacturing technology Co., Ltd. made more than ten years cnc processing, UAV parts, robot parts processing has accumulated rich experience, for example, Sequoia invested in Xinjiang, GGV invested billion airlines, Shenzhen Pennefit Technologies voted Zero, Music as the sports investment Lily drones, everyone strategic investment in the map, Shun Feng and Northern Lights invested in the wisdom of Air …… Of course, all thanks to today’s market value has become a “Unicorn” “Xinjiang” in Thanks to the eye-catching and gold-absorbing effects of the blowout eruption in the past few years, it has properly received the dual recognition of capital and market.

However, it should be noted that the above examples are concentrated in the field of consumer drones – this is the “big Jiang” started and build their own, including the newly released “Royal” Mavic Pro portable UAVs, media and self-media temporarily used the same phrase: subversion, and the word “another.” In other words, the crowd these unmanned aircraft meet is nothing more than anonymous aerial lovers. In addition to consumer-grade UAVs, there are industrial-grade UAVs that divide the B-segment into segments that are more subdivided in their areas of need: traffic, security, surveillance, rescue … and of course the most recent Warming up and rigidly needed agricultural production – Plant protection UAVs are not competitively under the consumer-grade drones. After all, as a traditional agricultural country, there is a pie waiting for those powerful enterprises to divide, to positive energy, or industrial upgrading and elimination of backward production capacity of national economy and people’s livelihood issues, have great achievements that should be remembered.

Novo platinum Chi was founded in 2002, is a professional manufacturer of robot parts. To provide customers with robots and other areas of structural design optimization, structural parts manufacturing and other professional services. With more than ten years dedicated CNC precision machining of metal parts, an area of ​​2,000 square meters, high-standard processing equipment and testing equipment to CNC as the core process, at the same time with rapid mold, surface treatment, 3D printing and other excellent supporting resources, and Domestic and foreign universities, famous enterprises to provide robot structure optimization and precision parts processing services, professional and experienced technical team to provide one-stop CNC machining services.

It is estimated that by 2020, the entire UAV industry’s valuation will rise from 2 billion U.S. dollars to 127 billion U.S. dollars, of which agriculture accounts for 32.4 billion U.S. dollars. Suppose that China has one billion mu of arable land that is sprayed with drone, costing 100 yuan per mu. This is a market of billions. According to incomplete statistics, at present, there are more than 6,000 enterprises in the industrial chain of unmanned aircraft registered in China, including 300 unmanned aerial vehicle enterprises engaged in agriculture. Optimistic estimates, wait until 2020 UAV will become the main force of plant protection in China.

The earliest pioneer in the field of plant protection UAV Guangzhou Polaris released the latest P20 plant protection UAV, agricultural UAV flight control, and announced the introduction of plant protection UAV sales and leasing business. A year and a half ago, they released a generation of P20 plant protection drone, at the same time began the formation of plant protection service team to provide farmers with direct plant protection services.

In the end of November last year, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region MG-1 plant protection UAV, taken by way of franchising, do not sell services do not rent aircraft, only sold to have the need Farmers or Feifei team providing agricultural protection for UAVs.

Of course, for the B-side industrial UAV, the price will not be cheap, a “Xinjiang” MG-1 plant protection drone pricing between 50000 to 60000, just released Pole P20 plant protection drone more It is around 100000. In the extremely fly and Xinjiang, the coveted real solid patties UAV enterprises are numerous, Tianxiang Airlines, Hi-tech new farmers, the northern transit, Han and Wuxi, Anyang Quanfeng, Zhuhai feather invariably sharpening . According to an incomplete statistics, the number of plant protection UAVs in 2015 reached 2,324 with a total work area of ​​11,528,000 mu. It is estimated that the number of plant protection UAVs in 2016 will exceed 8,000.

Novo platinum to CNC as its own core processing technology (including CNC drilling attack, car milling, carving, cutting, etc.), the integration of a complete set of upstream and downstream manufacturing resources to provide services to customers. Currently has a high-speed CNC machining centers, lathes, carved machines and other equipment, the total processing equipment more than 20 Taiwan. Can achieve milling, car, carved, cutting, drilling and other technology.